Choose the service you like please

Choose the service you need please


Watch Battery replacement (5 working days)

Free Collection – Free Delivery – Full Reseal Water Tested- Only Genuine Parts

It come with 2 years warranty


Watch full service  (15 working days)

A complete service is a complicated process. The taken apart, cleaned, and polished. Any parts that show wear and tear are replaced, then the movement is reassembled, lubricated, and regulated. A full service restores both the functional and aesthetic appearance of your watch. It includes disassembly, overhaul, replacement of worn components as well as ultrasonic cleaning of the case whose sealing will be restored.

It comes with 6 months warranty


Watch polish   (10 working days)

Our skilled watchmaker will carefully polish your watch’s case and bracelet, removing scratches, scuffs, and blemishes to reveal its natural brilliance.

Deep Cleaning: Your watch will undergo a thorough cleaning process to eliminate dirt, oils, and residue from every nook and cranny.

Restoration of Finish: We restore the original finish of your watch, whether it’s brushed, polished, satin, or a combination of these.